Verse & Lyrics

The lady with a certain smile.

In the afternoon café
Among the shaded trees
The lady with a certain smile
Sits with her memories
There is no place she has to go
or appointment she must keep
recalling someone she once met 
in the church across the street.

Are we being indiscreet
in trying to discover
would it be too much to ask
the name of her past lover
or has she forgotten them
and replaced them with another
like the last day of spring
for the first day of summer.

There are days we were together
you will not see again.
The sound of tears and laughter
of a time spent with a friend
A certain kind of  feeling
of that place and time
that taps you on the shoulder
and serves only to remind.

Soon there will be autumn leaves
the longing that the winter brings
Would it be too much to ask
the name of her past lover
although she has forgotten when
and replaced them with another
was it the last day of spring
or the first day of the summer?


Selections from Roots & Rhymes. Ebook available soon. 

The Refugees

Held at the border questioning papers 
unwelcome stares on unfriendly faces
inside the building an ambient gloom
ominous guards in a stifling room
refugee hopes of a new life with purpose 
halcyon dreams melting like snow
stuck in a zone in the middle of nowhere
having no clue as to where they will go.
immigrant outcasts watch as their captors 
argue the odds on the next super bowl.

Return to sender on bags and belongings 
your name and address means nothing to me.
immobilized agents against arrogant breakers 
locked into their fate like dead withered trees
knowing this place will never be home 
should have been grasped a long time ago 
instead, like so many others before them
heading for Eden to be bought and sold 
ignoring the wisdom their elders had spoken 
discover what glitters did not turn into gold.

Talk Dance

In the cavalcade of language
from authentic to absurd
used for communication
there’s an orchestra of words.
Talk plays second fiddle
to the music of intention
it is all so very obvious
but hardly ever mentioned.
The art of active listening
and the need to pay attention
should come first.
Say what my love?
Talk Dance.   

Questions ( Gymnopedies 3, Erik Satie)

Where have the days of yesterday gone?
Where are the nights of laughter and song?
(Gone, gone).
Were we naïve or just victims of fate?
Born ahead of our time,
or a little too late?
And maybe we’ll meet again.
In a time and a place unknown 
Who told the river to follow the sun?
Is this goodbye the very last one for us?
Knowing the answer may not be so smart 
better leave it to chance 
and keep hope in our heart 
that someday we’ll meet again 
at a time in a place unknown.

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