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We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”Joni Mitchell.

Happiness is an inside job.
 “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw. 

“Always an angel – never a god.” Phoebe Bridgers.

“The world is white no longer , and it will never be white again.James Baldwin.

“Who put these fingerprints on my imagination?” Elvis Costello.

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” Anonymous.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” William Shakespeare.

Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.” Kacey Musgraves.


We are living our life in chapters without having to read the book. The pages will turn, not always sure of what happens next, as our story unfolds. We are fortunate when a person we meet along the way shines a light on our journey. For me, after being awarded the country song of the year as co-writer of ‘Ordinary People’ with Ron Irving, outlined a direction to take. I began collaborating and working with emerging recording artists. They included Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Turn the page and i was  taking classes at The Firehall Actor’s Studio led by Mallie Bowman, I auditioned and landed what proved to be a dream job. A year-plus contract as a paid member of the Firehall Theatre performance group. That intensive training, every day for 18-months, led to signing with an agent, auditioning, and landing roles in a professional stage and film productions. Those adventures included riding a horse in the frozen north, which I had never done before or have tried since! Turning to the next chapter, I moved to Victoria, B.C., where i started and ran the Screen Actor’s Studio to coach actors for the burgeoning film and television industry. Based on what I had learned, I created regular enrollment programs named Essential Techniques for beginners, and advanced programs for the Working Actor. Then built on that by extending invitations for industry professionals to conduct weekend seminars and workshops. Subjects including; auditioning techniques, voice, and accents, stage combat and gun handling. Taught by casting directors, scriptwriters, fight, and stunt coordinators, working actors and guests with industry skills. Many of the students who enrolled in studio programs during my ownership, established solid careers. You can find their IMDB resume listing credits in film, television, and stage projects. But make no mistake, it takes a lot of dedication and work and a chunk of luck. For me, the end of the 80s welcomed the start of CineVic, the Society of Independent Film and Video makers co-operative. From a small start up group spurred by James Fry, we gained equipment to aid film and video artists in advancing their visual stories and ideas. And these modest roots gave a promising beginning to the first Victoria Film Festival. Since those early days, that festival under the leadership of festival director Kathy Kay, is today a celebrated annual and international event. From my own personal diaries, I should also mention, ‘Moving Day’, an operetta for which I wrote a libretto and lyrics and directed based on the compositions of Erik Satie and directed for the Victoria Fringe Festival. It was a workshop musical project that assembled a group of unfamiliar voices on an adventurous collaboration with a wonderful group of people. And a journey of discovery for each and every one of us. For which i extend a big thank you to Judith McDowell for the opportunity. Meanwhile, my busy studio classes gave me the opportunity to develop original scripts to be cast and shot in the style of no-budget independent original video films. And that brings my story up to date. Almost.
     Since closing the weekly classes in Screen Actor’s Studio in December 2015, I’ve continued to coach advanced audition sessions (an updated ‘Essential Techniques’ booklet will soon be available),  and self-published two books. ‘The Teleporter’s Handbook’, (Modern Fables and Tall Tales), and ‘Picasso on A Napkin’, (a book of verse and lyrics). My lates opus, ‘The Occasional Assassin’ (A time travel love story), is scheduled for release Spring 2024. The Actor’s PocketBook is ready release.

THE NEW MUSIC CO. | BMG, 1 Music Circle South, Nashville TN 37203, US. /SOCAN.

AWARD WINNING COUNTRY SONG. 'Ordinary People' by the Bootleg Band Composer Ron Irving Lyrics: David Simmonds.

CineVic. Society of Independent Filmmakers.
102 - 764 Yates St, Victoria. B.C. V8W1L4

CineVic, a society supporting independent filmmakers and media artists. We offer accessible affordable equipment, professional development resources, and cinematic exhibition opportunities.

TWUC. The Writer's Union Canada. 600-460 Richmond St W.
Toronto, ON.
M5V 1Y1

To: The Writer's Union of Canada 600-460 Richmond Street West Toronto, ON M5V 1Y1

Congratulations on their 50th. Anniversary.

The Victoria Film Festival.: 1215 Blanshard St. Victoria. V8W. 3J4.

The Victoria Film Festival embodies the spirit of the cinematic arts on Vancouver Island. T. (250-389-0444).
Annual Events include; Art Of The Cocktail. Screening events at can be seen at the Vic Theatre on Douglas St. Downtown.

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