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Postcards from Amor

The man who changed his name. Born William Smith in Nova Scotia. Influenced by the speeches of Joseph Howe as a young man. Amor was to travel from N.Y.C. to California. Abandoning the comparative safety of the wagon trains heading west in search of gold. Bill, as he was then known, bought an early daguerreotype camera and tripod and travelled the rest of that dangerous journey across the desert, alone on horseback. Arriving in California he opted to change his name to Amor de Cosmos. (Lover of the Universe). To separate himself from the rest of his name-a-likes. He was later to become 2nd premier of British Columbia, founded the first newspaper, The Daily Colonist and also championed local train transportation. And that was just the beginning. Acknowledged by many of his peer group as the true  ‘Godfather of Confederation’. He was ridiculed and outlawed for his challenging politics. Now in 2023, having died more than 100 years ago, his visitation amongst us, then leaving an instagram postcard as a souvenir of his presence, have the ring of a real ghost story.

Amor de Cosmos (Short bio)Postcards from Amor. (Synopsis & draft screenplay).

Veronika's Revenge. (Pilot for episodic).

Meet Janet Cole, a beautiful young woman with her own boutique restaurant on her way to asuccessful life. Her prospects are ruined by a stalker. When he accidentally dies, she is accused ofhis murder. Sentenced to die in the electric chair she miraculously survives. The governmentofficials announce her death but secretly decide to give her a total makeover. Voila! Meet AdeleMartin. She is completely transformed and prepares a sumptuous dinner in their honor. And fortheir ‘just desert’ serves her renowned chocolate martini’s. And we witness their faces fall intotheir places. Revenge!! With no fingerprints to record her prior identity, Adele heads to bathroomand transforms yet again. This time we meet her as Veronica Gala as she she heads into the world,prepared to help other women who are misjudged.

Pilot script available


The story of Alma Rattenbury is based on a series of documented true events It involves a love triangle, a murder, an operatic suicide and a sensational trial that transfixed a nation. The key characters are an established and very successful architect and a beautiful younger woman who had been a child musical prodigy. Alma Victoria Packenham, after serving as a nurse in the fields of France during W.W.1. was awarded the ‘Croix de Guerre’, and had been married twice before meeting Frances Mason Rattenbury. He was 53, married with grown up children. Alma was 28. Ignoring their devoted family and respected colleagues , they became outlawed by the local society for their open affair. In the face of the adversity and committed to each other, they decided to move to England. Alma intent on pursuing her career as a songwriter and Ratz believing he could restore his renowned reputation as an architect. Before arriving in the U.K they embarked on a luxury cruise through the Greek Islands, Ratz was drinking steadily and began gambling a large chunk of his relative wealth. By the time they moved into the small modest house in Bournemouth, England, their relationship had been re-evaluated. Ratz dependent on alcohol to support his damaged career and, absorbed by self-pity And although was supportive, she found herself without friends and advertised for a housekeeper. Enter Irene Riggs, who was to become a devoted companion, followed by Stoner, a handyman still in his teens, hired to help around the home and garden. With their lives interwoven, what followed was to wreak havoc on each of them. A love affair between a married woman and a uneducated handyman half her age. A murder, a sensational trial, a graphic suicide and an acquittal of the death sentence. It was to create an early ‘paparazzo’ and proved to be a worthy harbinger acknowledging our current obsession with the tabloid press.

Full length movie script 110 pages

The Frozen Honeymoon

Following their marriage in Las Vegas, a young couple, Ronald and Miriam Fitzmiller were set to embark on their honeymoon. Prior to the consummation of their commitment a car crash proved almost fatal for Ronald. Fast forward 50 years. After investing his family inheritance in a cryonic storage business, Miriam has had Ronald frozen. Gambling that the interrupted consummation of their marriage would at last be fulfilled. Today marks their 50th wedding anniversary and Miriam, is about to defrost and (hopefully) revive him. If the defrosting is successful it is guaranteed to make them a celebrity couple and filthy rich. The world-wide media awaits. Keynotes: What has changed in the world since Ronald was ‘put on ice’ so many years ago? Plenty!And there is an unconsummated marriage to be considered. They were both 23 when Ronald was frozen and stored. Miriam is now in her seventies.

Genre. Comedy. Chapter One
Run time: 30 minutes
Acts: 1
Cast (2) 1M / 1 W


A married couple, 2 m, and a third uninvited and unwelcome ‘guest’. It takes place in a B & B the two men have visited on vacation for the past eight years. The familiar location acts as a confessional, providing a common ground to air and purge their differences and rekindle their commitment to each other. However, their vacation this year coincides with the time of an impending sickness carried by a species of rogue mosquito. This virus causes a fever with early symptoms of degenerative morbidity. Mozzie, the third character is visible in human form ONLY to the audience.Director Notes: A gay married couple hashing over problems in their marriage. The annual vacation to rekindle their commitment to each other faces an additional challenge. An uninvited guest in the form of a life size rogue mosquito. The threat of a fever that incurs degenerative morbidity. Reflections of an impending pandemic. The world can be a dangerous place. Dress to survive in a protective body bag or you could die!

Genre: Dark Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 40 minutes
Cast:: (3) 2 M / 1 W

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